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dc.contributor.authorMacCallum, Robert C.
dc.contributor.authorBrowne, Michael W.
dc.contributor.authorPreacher, Kristopher J.
dc.identifier.citationPsychological Methods, 7, 301-306.
dc.description.abstractP. E. Meehl and N. G. Waller (2002) proposed an innovative method for assessing path analysis models wherein they subjected a given model, along with a set of alternatives, to risky tests using selected elements of a sample correlation matrix. Although the authors find much common ground with the perspective underlying the Meehl–Waller approach, they suggest that there are aspects of the proposed procedure that require close examination and further development. These include the selection of only one subset of correlations to estimate parameters when multiple solutions are generally available, the fact that the risky tests may test only a subset of parameters rather than the full model of interest, and the potential for different results to be obtained from analysis of equivalent models.
dc.subjectmodel evaluationen
dc.subjectpath analysisen
dc.titleComments on the Meehl-Waller procedure for appraisal of path analysis models

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