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  • "I am the one who knocks!": What It Means to Be a Man in Breaking Bad 

    Wille, Stephanie (University of Kansas, 2014-12-31)
    Breaking Bad (AMC, 2008-2013) dramatizes the rise and fall of Walter White, a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who, through a series of misfortunes and freak opportunities, is transformed into a notorious, brutal ...
  • Some British Aesthetic Theories From Shaftesbury Through Alison 

    Collins, Marie Taylor (University of Kansas, 1914-06-01)
  • The Syntactical Effects of Compounding Verbs With Prepositions 

    Grant, Mary A. (University of Kansas, 1914-05-15)
  • Mother Courage and her Children Scenography 

    Ubert, Julia Ann (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage and her Children is a story of strong headed Canteen Woman, Anne Fierling, who is determined to earn her living and support her family from the Thirty Years War. I chose Mother Courage because ...
  • Wearable Play 

    Cheong, Sunyoung (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    Wearable Play, an Master of Fine Art thesis exhibition, is comprised of eight sets of wearable jewelry and an interactive installation that were inspired by children's building toys. It is my confluence of being a mother ...
  • Temple of Science 

    Blocksome, Rebecca (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    Incorporating installation, performance, and online/interactive media, the Temple of Science is a holistic socially engaged art project that examines the hegemony of science in modern Western culture.
  • In Our Time 

    Gold, Eli Kabir (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    In Our Time is an installation and performance. If you are viewing it outside of a performance time then you are only seeing the installation and the residue of the performers' work. Each performance runs for the duration ...
  • What's It Going To Be Then, Eh? Youth Violence, Free Will, and the Creative Cycle in A Clockwork Orange 

    Evans, Cynthia Louise (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    This thesis chronicles the development of a contemporary scenographic design for the stage of Anthony Burgess' novel, A Clockwork Orange, based on his original novel and including the 21st chapter, which has been omitted ...
  • New Central American Cinema (2001-2010) 

    Durón, Hispano (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    This dissertation explores New Central American Cinema, a film movement that emerged in Central America during the 2000s. It examines feature-length fictional films produced and released in Central America between 2001-2010. ...
  • In Her Nature 

    Scribner, Rachel (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    The following is a written thesis of the conceptual background and visual expression of Rachel Scribner's MFA thesis exhibition, installed at the University of Kansas Art and Design Gallery February 23-28, 2014. The ...
  • Tending 

    Oxnard, John Thomas (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    your words Abstract. Tending, a Masters of Fine Art Exhibition, is a exhibition that highlights the importance of trees and plants in the art and craft of my everyday life. The manifestation of this idea became an installation ...

    Parra Thompson, Beatriz (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    Obra Gris is a thesis art work consisting of a series of sculptural ceramic pieces, which depict human figures that transform into block-like forms, at the same time that it is integrated with real cinder blocks, which ...
  • vemod 

    Montgomery, Jessica (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    Portraits of time, space, and psyche; wrought with history, each structure merges psychological manifestations with architectural environments. vemod was approached as a reflection of the past and presented as a memorial ...

    Lowe, Daniel (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    Through a combination of existing philosophies, including that of Martin Heidegger and Joseph Campbell, with the mythologies of Dante's Divine Comedy and Buddhism, I have created a structural basis for the exhibition ...
  • Undone 

    O'Brien, Pearl (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    My thesis work is a project about relationships. Context is important to me, and I have long considered the connection between my work and the work that came ahead of it to be vital. The process of working creates a space ...
  • The Inner the Life of Nouns 

    Cook, Raechel (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    By what means do objects become significant to individuals? What experiences shape our relationship with particular objects? What experiences can an object evoke? More than 200 artifacts from every decade since 1900 and ...
  • Paper Trails 

    Hawkins, Brian (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    Paper Trails is an exhibition consisting of two animations, Inquisitive Vignettes and Traces. These animations, one of which is projected on and accompanied by a player piano, examine the creation and interpretation of our ...
  • There, there. 

    Youngyeun, Anna (University of Kansas, 2014-05-31)
    There, there. references personal stories and examines affective dualisms through a theoretical lens of intersectionality. The work creates a space for dialogue concerning cultural and bodily awkwardness, as well as a means ...
  • Scenography for The Tales of Hoffmann 

    Xu, Yue (University of Kansas, 2013-12-31)
    Computer aided design for 19th Century French opera The Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach. The opera was first performed on 10 February 1881 in France. Computer applications and a pen tablet have been used for the ...

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