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Dating the Houma Covenant Texts: The Significance of Recent Findings From the Wenxian Covenant Texts

dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Crispin
dc.identifier.citationWilliams, Crispin. 2013: “Dating the Houma Covenant Texts: the significance of recent findings from the Wenxian Covenant Texts”. Early China 35-36 (2012-13), 247-275.
dc.descriptionThis is the publisher's version, which is being made available on KU ScholarWorks with permission. Copyright 2013, Society for the Study of Early China.
dc.description.abstractThis paper reconsiders the dating of the Houma covenant texts in light of new findings from the Wenxian covenant texts. Dating of the Houma covenants has focused on matching certain names found in the Houma covenants to names and events in historical texts. These include the name of the sanctioning spirit invoked in the covenants, and that of the covenant lord overseeing the covenants. I argue that the sanctioning spirit is not, as is often proposed, a former lord of Jin, but a mountain spirit called Lord Yue, and, as such, has no bearing on the dating of the texts. I further argue that the use of the personal name of a Han lineage leader in the Wenxian covenants strongly supports the identification of the figure referred to as jia 嘉 in the Houma texts as the historical Zhao Jia (Zhao Huan Zi). I suggest that the mention of Zhao Jia in the recently published Chu-slips Xinian implies that Zhao Jia came to the leadership of the Zhao lineage around 442 B.C.E., well before 424 B.C.E., the date of his single-year reign reported in the Shi ji. I conclude that the Houma covenants include materials that may be linked to the Zhao Wu incident of the early fifth-century B.C.E., but that those materials in which Zhao Jia is named as the covenant lord probably date to sometime between 442 and 424 B.C.E.
dc.description.abstract本文根據溫縣盟書中的新發現重新考察侯馬盟書的年代問題。判斷侯 馬盟書年代的主要根據是侯馬盟書中能夠與歷史記載相關聯的一些人 名和地名。這些名字包括盟書中被召監督參盟人的神的名稱以及盟主 的名字。本文推測該神非晉國的某位先君,而是一位叫做 “岳公” 的山 神,因而對推測侯馬盟書的年代不構成限制。此外,根據溫縣盟書中 可確認為盟主人名的例子,可以推測侯馬盟書中的 “嘉” 字應該就是指 趙嘉 (趙桓子)。根據清華簡《繫年》中關於趙嘉的記載,本文進一步 推測趙嘉在公元前 442 年左右已經是趙氏的族長 ,比《史記》中記載 趙嘉 424 年即位早十幾年。根據這些分析,侯馬盟書中有的盟書應該 與公元前五世紀初的趙午事件有關,但是那些提到趙嘉的盟書的年代 大概在公元前 442 到 424 年之間。
dc.publisherSociety for the Study of Early China
dc.titleDating the Houma Covenant Texts: The Significance of Recent Findings From the Wenxian Covenant Texts
kusw.kuauthorWilliams, Crispin
kusw.kudepartmentEast Asian Languages And Cultures
kusw.oaversionScholarly/refereed, publisher version
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