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dc.contributor.authorAmmar, Raymond G.
dc.contributor.authorBaringer, Philip S.
dc.contributor.authorBean, Alice
dc.contributor.authorBesson, David Zeke
dc.contributor.authorCoppage, Don
dc.contributor.authorDarling, C.
dc.contributor.authorDavis, Robin E. P.
dc.contributor.authorHancock, N.
dc.contributor.authorKotov, S.
dc.contributor.authorKravchenko, I.
dc.contributor.authorKwak, Nowhan
dc.identifier.citationBalest, R, Behrens, BH, et al. Observation of the decay D-s(+)->omega pi(+). PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. August 1997. 79(8) : 1436-1440
dc.description.abstractUsing e(+)e(-) annihilation data collected by the CLEO II detector at CESR, we have observed the decay D-s(+)-->omega pi(+). This final state may be produced through the annihilation decay df the D-s(+), or through final state interactions. We find a branching ratio of Gamma(D-s(+)-->omega pi(+))/Gamma(D-s(+)-->eta pi(+)) = 0.16+/-0.04+/-0.03, where the first error is statistical and the second is systematic.
dc.titleObservation of the decay D-s(+)->omega pi(+)

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