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dc.contributor.authorTu, Linh
dc.description.abstractThe state of the economy has been trending upward for the past two years, but several years since the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center incident the economy is struggling. Although Consultation Company seems to have weathered the storm fairly well because of its people, business market and industry; it is always a good idea to be on the lookout for new markets and clients in other industries and markets.

Transmission planning has always been a steady market for the electrical industry, but since 2000, transmission planning has gained popularity because of the shortage of generation supply and the aging infrastructure. The electric and generation industry is very dynamic right now because changes that are taking place due to industry deregulation. There is also a shortage of generation in certain high demand areas such as California, causing problems that require transmission planning services. The government has also been interested in the security of energy facilities since the end of 2001.

Consultation Company has limited experience in providing transmission planning consulting services. The transmission planner’s role has always been to provide support within the company, but also had a broader scope of responsibilities not specifically related to transmission planning and not to outside companies who may require the help in transmission planning. It is essential that we take the market opportunity that currently exists to expand our services to our existing and new clients to grow the company profitably. Based on market analysis and developed plans, it is recommended that Consultation Company invest $14,000 initially in marketing costs to expand the company’s service markets in transmission planning.

This marketing plan contains the company’s history, market review, customer review, assumptions and risk, competitive advantage, market forecast, value equity and relationship equity of opportunities for expanding into a new market with the electrical industry.
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dc.titleMarketing Plan for Transmission Planning Services

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