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dc.contributor.authorMurao, Emmi
dc.contributor.authorMcFarland, Jerusha
dc.contributor.editorMurao, Emmi
dc.descriptionFor this tutorial, you will need: A box without a lid, this can be any shapes or sizes. A furoshiki cloth. We recommend using a thin, cotton cloth. Bandanas will be great for this! If it is too stiff and thick, it can usually be hard to tie, and if it too limp or flimsy, it can be hard to the hold the shape of the handle.

Directions on how to do this tutorial:

1. You will first spread the furoshiki in a diamond shape from where you are. So the corners of the cloth are in diagonals. And make sure that the pattern is facing away from you. 2.You will then place the box in the middle of the furoshiki, parallel from you but not with the cloth. 3. Fold two of the opposite corners into the box. Try to get the cloth to shape the box as much as possible when doing this step. 4. While holding the shape of the cloth inside, fold the other edges of the cloth into a neat, narrow shape to make it easier to tie. When you're tying the knot, make sure it is as close to the edge of the box as possible. And do the same to the other side of the cloth. And again, make sure the tie is as close to the edge of the box as possible to make it more structured. 5. And once you have those two ties, twist remaining part of the cloth lightly and make a tie with the two on the tail ends .

Other ideas for this tutorial:

-With a long and narrow box, you can put pencils, pens, or eating utensils inside. -With the larger sized box, you can put your furoshikis, books, or DVDs inside. -For the medium sized box, you can place snacks, teas and condiments, -For the small sized box, you can put hair accessories, little stationaries such as paper clips and erasers. There are an infinite amount of possibilities this furoshiki structure can do. Directions to tie a basic furoshiki knot (mamusubi):
dc.description.abstractThis is an instructional video on wrapping a box with a handle. This will be a great way to store and decorate various types of objects!

The video is designed as a supplemental hands-on material for teaching Japanese culture to elementary to junior high school students. This material was prepared by the East Asian Library at the University of Kansas.

For more information about furoshiki, please visit:
dc.description.sponsorshipEast Asian Library, University of Kansas Librariesen_US
dc.publisherCenter for East Asian Studies, University of Kansasen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesFuroshiki (K-12 Instruction Series);3
dc.titleFuroshiki: How to Wrap a Box with a Handle (K-12 Instruction Series)en_US
kusw.kuauthorIto, Michiko
kusw.kudepartmentEast Asian Library, University of Kansas Librariesen_US

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