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  • Word Order Variables in Patzun Kaqchikel 

    Kim, Sok-Ju (2011-10-03)
    This paper presents word order variables in Patzun Kaqchikel. I investigate how word order variables of (in)definiteness and animacy interact with SVO, VOS, and VSO word order in statements and questions in Patzun Kaqchikel ...
  • A Minimalist analysis of Uyghur genitives 

    Politzer-Ahles, Stephen (2011-10-03)
    This paper investigates the syntactic structure of so-called genitive-possessive DPs in Uyghur, a Turkic language. Uyghur genitive-possessives bear suffixes on both the “possessing” entity (comparable to the Saxon genitive ...
  • Biloxi Realis and Irrealis Particles 

    Kaufman, David Vincent (2011-10-03)
    Realis and irrealis expressions are modal or pragmatic in nature. Realis and irrealis particles reflect “the grammaticization of speakers‟ (subjective) attitudes and opinions” (Bybee et al. 1994: 176). They reflect a ...
  • Noun Classifier Extension in Q'anjob'al (Mayan): Acquiring a Gender Stereotype 

    Duncan, Philip T. (2011-10-03)
    Linguists have not fully explored the correlation between sociolinguistic variation and pragmatics of nominal classifier systems. When pragmatics is discussed, the focus is usually on anaphora under a restricted conceptualization ...
  • Was/were Variation in the Middle Rocky Mountains 

    Antieau, Lamont D. (2011-10-03)
    Although was/were variation is one of the most widely studied vernacular features in English (Adger and Smith 2005: 155), little attention has been paid to its presence in western varieties of American English, despite the ...
  • Effects of Gender on the Production of Emphasis in Jordanian Arabic: A Sociophonetic Study 

    Abudalbuh, Mujdey (2011-10-03)
    Emphasis, or pharyngealization, is a distinctive phonetic phenomenon and a phonemic feature of Semitic languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. The goal of this study is to investigate the effect of gender on the production ...
  • Inflection in the Ao dialect of Yoruba 

    Taiwo, Oye (2011-10-03)
    This paper examines inflection in the Ào dialect of Yorùbá, a language spoken in south west Nigeria. Previous studies in Yorùbá morphology have focused on derivational morphology rather than inflectional morphology. This ...
  • Adjectives in Hueyapan Nahuatl: Do they exist? And if do what kind of adjectives are they? 

    Pharao Hansen, Magnus (2011-10-03)
    In the study of 'exotic' languages a question that often surges and sometimes evolves into discussion, is whether they have adjectives, or whether property denominating words, that could be called adjectives, are in fact ...

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