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dc.contributor.authorTrowbridge, Cary
dc.description.abstractOne consummate problem that faces industry on a daily basis is how to prioritize. How do you prioritize the day? How do you prioritize the tasks for personnel? How do you prioritize what projects to work on?

This paper will address some of the common problems and issues that companies have when trying to prioritize and select Information Technology projects. The emphasis of the paper will be on a lightweight, quick, and easy method to begin a more objective process to select IT projects. Larger companies may have the resources available to analyze, manage, and monitor a rigorous project prioritization process, but most smaller or more agile companies will not embrace a process that takes significant resources and time.

The process described in this paper is geared to the smaller companies to help give them a baseline process to better bridge the gap between no process and a detailed, well-managed process.
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dc.titleObjective Project Prioritization for Information Technology
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