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Recent Submissions

  • The Prints of Mary Huntoon 

    Meyer, Kate; Arft, Sadie (University of Kansas, Spencer Museum of Art, 2021-08-24)
  • Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia 

    Dusenbury, Mary (Spencer Museum of Art, University of KansasNew Haven : Yale University Press, 2015)
    Color was a critical element in East Asian life and thought, but its importance has been largely overlooked in Western scholarship. This interdisciplinary volume explores the fascinating roles that color played in the ...
  • Trees & Other Ramifications: Branches in Nature and Culture 

    Goddard, Stephen; Hardy, Saralyn Reece; Krishtalka, Leonard (Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 2009-01-01)
    Trees & Other Ramifications explores both works of art that were inspired by trees and images from the arts and sciences in which trees have served as a metaphor for real and imagined branching systems—for example, works ...
  • Savior as Ascetic, Shakyamuni Undergoing Austerities by Kano Kazunobu 

    Graham, Patricia J. (University of Kansas, Spencer Museum of Art, 2010-07-01)
    An introduction of the Japanese Buddhist painting portraying a haunting image of an emaciated, half-naked man by the Japanese artist Kano Kazunobu (1815–1863), collected by the Spencer Museum of Art’s Asian art gallery.
  • Early Modern Japanese Art History: An Overview of the State of the Field 

    Graham, Patricia J. (University of Kansas, Center for East Asian Studies, 2002-09-01)