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Recent Submissions

  • Nominalization in Q'anjob'al (Maya) 

    Mateo, Pedro (2010-01-01)
    Q’anjob’al typically makes a rigid distinction between transitive and intransitive verb inflections. Transitive verbs cross-reference their subjects with an ergative prefix while intransitive verbs cross-reference their ...
  • The Acquisition of Perfective and Imperfective Aspect: A Comparative Study of Arabic and Japanese Learners of English 

    Christensen, Erik (2010-01-01)
    The extent to which native language transfer plays a role in second language (L2) learning is a very significant question in the field of second language acquisition (Gabriele, 2005; Schwartz and prouse, 1996). The present ...
  • Semantics of Functional and Locative Relations in Rongga 

    Aryawibawa, I. Nyoman (2010-01-01)
    Many scholars have proposed a universal set of locative relations. Herskovits’s comprehensive study of English locative relations found that locative concepts such as inclusion, support and contiguity, and coincidence are ...
  • Some Observations of Rumsen Ohlone Grammar 

    Kaufman, David Vincent (2010-01-01)
    This paper presents a brief preliminary analysis of some elements of Rumsen Ohlone grammar, as these elements occur in a Rumsen narrative titled, "Coyote, His Wife, and Makkeweks." So far, little has been published on ...