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2title_keyword:Mead and the Ineffable5111.83%0.00
3title_keyword:A DEFINITION OF THE CONCEPT OF LAW4710.90%0.00
4author_keyword:McAulay%2C Robert E327.42%0.00
5title_keyword:Mid-American Review of Sociology, Volume 2, Number 1 (SPRING, 1977): Book Review306.96%0.00
6author_keyword:Johnson%2C Alan V296.73%0.00
7author_keyword:Evans%2C Art286.50%0.00
8author_keyword:Gibbs%2C Jeanne M266.03%0.00
9author_keyword:Hingers%2C Robert H255.80%0.00
10title_keyword:Mid-American Review of Sociology%2C Volume 2%2C Number 1 %28SPRING%2C 1977%29%3A Front Matter214.87%0.00


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