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1The Life of Wilhelm Meister’s Lehrjahr33.57%0.00
2Repair Sequences in American Learners of German Interlanguage22.38%0.00
3Self-confession in Iphigenie22.38%0.00
4A Study of Home Life as Seen in Goethe's Works11.19%0.00
5A Study of the Novel of Otto Ludwig 11.19%0.00
6A Study of the Novel of Otto Ludwig based on “Maria,” “Die Heiterethei u. i Widerspiel” and “Zwischen Himmel u. Erde”11.19%0.00
7A Study of the Position of the Verb in Grimmelshau11.19%0.00
8A comparison of Goeth11.19%0.00
9A comparison of the German11.19%0.00
10All You Need Is Love?11.19%0.00


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