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Recent Submissions

  • The clitic status of person markers in Sorani Kurdish 

    Gharib, Hiba; Pye, Clifton (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2018)
    The ambiguous nature of clitics challenges simple distinctions between morphology and syntax. Clitic properties also feature in theoretical accounts of ergativity. In this paper we analyze the nature of the person markers ...
  • The structure of negation in Úwù 

    Adeoye, Jelil A. (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2018)
    This study examines the structure of negation in Úwù; one of the endangered languages of Nigeria. Úwù is spoken in the Àyèré community in the Ìjùmú Local Government in Kogi State. The present study identifies the ...
  • Application of the comparative method to Nivkh: Other regular sound correspondences 

    Halm, Robert; Slater, Jay (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2018)
    The Nivkh language family of Sakhalin Island and the adjacent mainland in Northeast Asia is generally considered to be without known external relatives, and since its internal diversity is relatively shallow— leading ...
  • An eye-tracking study examining the role of question-answer congruency in children’s comprehension of only: A preliminary report 

    Covey, Lauren; Coughlin, Caitlin E.; Minai, Utako (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2018)
    ‘Crain’s puzzle’ is a term that has been used to describe children’s difficulty comprehending the focus operator only when it is in subject position (subject-only), showing a tendency to interpret only as if it preceded ...