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Recent Submissions

  • Pronominal vs. anaphoric pro in Kannada 

    Sudharsan, Anuradha (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2017)
    Kannada licenses a pronominal pro and an anaphor pro in root and subordinate clauses. In the subordinate clauses, pro’s person feature largely determines its pronominal/anaphoric status. Accordingly, there are four types ...
  • The value of Irish schwa: An acoustic analysis of epenthetic vowels 

    McCullough, Kerry (University of Kansas Linguistics Department, 2017)
    This study was conducted in an effort to learn more about the phonology of the Irish language. The research is intended to be a phonetic analysis of one of the phonological processes characteristic to Celtic languages. The ...
  • Application of the comparative method to vocoid sequences in Nivkh 

    Halm, Robert (University of Kansas Linguistics Department, 2017)
    The Nivkh language family of Sakhalin Island and the adjacent mainland in Northeast Asia is generally considered to be without known external relatives. Since its internal diversity is relatively shallow – leading some ...