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This collection contains the winning entries from the annual University of Kansas Libraries' Image of Research competition. The competition launched in 2015 to acknowledge and celebrate the role undergraduate students play in research and innovation. The competition challenges undergraduates to submit and share images and text that reflect their research or research process. A multidisciplinary panel of judges selects the winners. Selected entries are displayed in the Anschutz Library Learning Studio. The project was managed by Michelle Reed, who co-authored a chapter on Image of Research in Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian: Case Studies and Best Practices (ACRL, 2017).

Recent Submissions

  • Image of Research 2016 -- Open for Collaboration Award 

    Young, Jackson (2016)
    Author's statement: A picture of another undergraduate I spent the summer with. Alejandro Carlo was an 18 year old aspiring particle physicist from the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez and was one of the many students ...
  • Image of Research 2016 -- Story of Research Award 

    Norris, Amber (2016)
    Author's statement: Tysabri, one of few treatment drugs approved to treat relapsing and remitting Multiple Sclerosis, has helped me keep the majority of my flare ups in remission for the past two years through monthly ...
  • Image of Research 2016 -- Vision Award 

    Tappan, Bryce (2016)
    Author's statement: This image was captured in the Barybin Lab of KU. Our research centers around azulene, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon that effuses a deep blue-azure color, for which it is named. In the Barybin Group, ...
  • Image of Research 2016 -- Research Is a Process Award 

    Bloom, Mackenzie (2016)
    Author's statement: Image 1: “Paraffin embedded mice colon and intestinal tissue for my undergraduate research project on colon cancer!” Image 2: “Sectioning my tissue samples on the microtome, delightfully ...
  • Image of Research 2016 -- Grand Prize 

    Petz, Austin (2016)
    Author's statement: Algae is grown to be converted into biocrude oil via hydrothermal liquefaction (pressure cooking). Oil composition is researched with respect to changing algae compositions.
  • Image of Research 2015 -- Connection Award 

    Slater, Shelby (2015)
    Author's statement: Just another view of the study on indoor tanning. Selection of tanning lotions, bronzers, tanning goggles, heat and other tanning-related stimuli. Monitor is equipped with standard LED lights in order ...
  • Image of Research 2015 -- Social Impact Award 

    Bobo, Caleb (2015)
    Author's statement: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" ~Nelson Mandela Earlier this year I had the pleasure of presenting my research at the Kansas State Capital to administers ...
  • Image of Research 2015 -- Visual Impact Award 

    Suzuki, Keiko (2015)
    Author's statement: Our lab incorporates a fundamental approach in pro-life regenerative medicine using stem cells. These stem cells which maintain homeostasis are abundantly available in almost every part of our living ...
  • Image of Research 2015 -- Originality Award 

    McGuire, Austen (2015)
    Author's statement: Keep your eyes peeled for my research about how we perceive approaching objects at the undergraduate research symposium!
  • Image of Research 2015 -- Grand Prize 

    Marceaux, Kaytlynn (2015)
    Author's statement: Mendel's research inspired my thoughts on the causes and consequences in seed morphology. Come to the undergraduate symposium next Saturday and I'll discuss how wrinkled and round seed may have ...