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Recent Submissions

  • Richard Sheridan--Endacott Society Interview 

    Sheridan, Richard B.; Willhite, Jewell (University of Kansas, 1991-08-06)
  • Marilyn Stokstad--Endacott Society Interview 

    Stokstad, Marilyn; Kelly, Pat (University of Kansas, 2014-06-06)
    Dr. Marilyn Stokstad, professor of art history at the University of Kansas from 1958-2002, discusses her family history and childhood. She details her academic studies throughout college and graduate school. Dr. Stokstad ...
  • Charles Stansifer--Endacott Society Interview 

    Stansifer, Charles Lee; Willhite, Jewell (University of Kansas, 2005-10-13)
    Charles Stansifer, professor of History at the University of Kansas from 1963-2004, discusses how a job working for the Santa Fe Railroad influenced him to take Spanish courses in college and conducting research for his ...
  • Cora M. Downs--Endacott Society Interview 

    Downs, Cora Mitchell; Lewin, Phyllis (University of Kansas, 1984-09-01)
    Cora Downs, professor of bacteriology at the University of Kansas from 1917-1963, discusses choosing KU for her undergraduate degree, describing what the university was like in the early 1900s. She discusses her work with ...
  • Judith LeBlanc--Endacott Society Interview 

    LeBlanc, Judith; Willhite, Jewell (University of Kansas, 1998-05-26)
    Judith LeBlanc, professor of Applied Behavior Science and Special Education at the University of Kansas from 1969-1997, discusses her childhood in Beaumont, Texas, including her participation in the Girl Scouts during World ...
  • Deanell Tacha--Endacott Society Interview 

    Tacha, Deanell Reece; Calder, Pickett M. (University of Kansas, 2000-08-18)
    Deanell Reece Tacha acquired her B.A. at the University of Kansas in 1968 and taught in the Law School from 1974-1985. Tacha recalls growing up in Scandia, Kansas, and attending KU in the mid-1960s. She acquired her law ...
  • Kermit Phelps--Endacott Society Interview 

    Phelps, Kermit; Mary-Kate Tews (University of Kansas, 1988-06-13)
    Kermit Phelps, professor of Psychology at the University of Kansas from 1955-1970, discusses growing up in Illinois in the early 1920s and describes life at KU in the 1930s for a student who was African American. He discusses ...
  • Samuel Adams--Endacott Society Interview 

    Adams, Samuel L.; Pickett, Calder M. (University of Kansas, 2000-03-08)
    Samuel L. Adams, professor of journalism at the University of Kansas from 1973-1999, describes his childhood in a highly segregated southern Georgia town and touches on the Great Depression's effects on his family. He ...
  • Renate Mai-Dalton--Endacott Society Interview 

    Mai-Dalton, Renate; Kelly, Pat (University of Kansas, 2011-11-28)
    Renate Mai-Dalton was hired as Assistant Professor in the University of Kansas School of Business in 1979 and taught until her retirement in 2010. During the interview she describes growing up in post-WWII Berlin as well ...
  • Raymond Stuhl--Endacott Society Interview 

    Stuhl, Raymond; Lewin, Tom (University of Kansas, 1985-11-27)
    Raymond Stuhl, professor of music at the University of Kansas from 1935-1977, began practicing the cello at age 10 in Kansas City, MO. He went to a private, prestigious music school in Europe to learn more about his art ...
  • James Akagi--Endacott Society Interview 

    Akagi, James; Willhite, Jewell (University of Kansas, 1995-09-25)
    James Akagi, professor of microbiology at the University of Kansas from 1958-1995, touches on his life as the son of Japanese immigrants in Seattle in the 1930s and his family's internment camp in Minidoka, Idaho during ...
  • Jadwiga Maurer--Endacott Society Interview 

    Maurer, Jadwiga; Batson, Judy (University of Kansas, 2001-11-29)
    Jadwiga Maurer, professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Kansas from 1970-2001, describes her childhood as part of a Jewish family in central Poland during the 1930s. She discusses how her whole ...
  • Edward Kehde--Endacott Society Interview 

    Kehde, Ned (University of Kansas, 2003-08-21)
    Ned Kehde discusses his childhood in rural Missouri, fishing, and playing baseball. He reviews his professional career in the university libraries system and the beginnings of the university archives. Kehde concludes with ...
  • Cynthia Schira--Endacott Society Interview 

    Schira, Cynthia (University of Kansas, 1999-09-09)
    Cynthia Schira, professor of Design at the University of Kansas from 1976-1999, received her MFA at the University of Kansas in 1967. After joining KU’s faculty in 1976 she was instrumental in building a textile design ...
  • Aubrey Carroll Edwards--Endacott Society Interview 

    Edwards, Carroll A.; Pickett, Calder M. (University of Kansas, 1991-05-15)
    Carroll Edwards, professor of English at the University of Kansas from 1947-1980, describes his childhood on a homestead in southeastern Colorado before his family moved to Winfield, KS. He discusses his interest in poetry ...
  • Franklin Murphy--Endacott Society Interview 

    Unknown author (University of Kansas, 1990-01-19)
    Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Franklin D. Murphy received his BA from the University of Kansas in 1936 and his MD degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1941. At age 35 he became Chancellor of the University ...
  • Paul and Lucille Endacott Photographs 

    Unknown author (Student Organizations, 2015)
  • Endacott Society Brochure 

    Unknown author (Student Organizations, 2015)