Express Outreach Award Application for Carol Elmore

1. Name of Network Member Institution:
Kansas State University

2. Principal Investigator/Program Director:
Carol Elmore

3. Position Title:
Research Services Librarian

4. Department:
Veterinary Medical Library

5. Mailing Address:
Carol Elmore Veterinary Medical Library
Kansas State University
408 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-5614

6. Email Address:

7. Telephone:

8. Fax:

9. Amount Requested: (Maximum $2,500.00)

10. Check the applicable program areas for this project:
Consumer Health Information
Public Health

11. Describe target population or audience:
Example: Senior Citizens, Public Health Nurses, AIDS Health Educators
Public health professionals, veterinary practitioners, state extension officials, and others dealing with human and veterinary medicine, epidemiology, and zoonosis

12. The Network member will work with the following organization(s):
(check all that apply)
Kansas Veterinary Medical Association Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association Central States Veterinary Conference

13. Name, address and description of partner organization(s):
Non-profit clinic providing outpatient service to primarily immigrant population. Health professionals
on staff number 12 and include physicians, nurses, and health educators.
Summit County Health Dept.
6505 North Landmark Drive #300
Park City, UT 84098

14. For the project the Network member will provide 4 (Number) demonstration/training session(s) covering:
(check all that apply)

Searching MEDLINE using PubMed

Obtaining consumer health information using MEDLINEplus

Using other NLM databases

Sessions at each meeting will be ongoing and the total number of demonstrations and training will vary. Opportunities will be given for one-on-one training geared to the interest of conferene attendees as much as possible.