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Basic Information
Title: Broadening Our Reach: Collaborating for Improvement
Session: Poster Session
Track: Converging and Collaborating,
Submitted by ACRL Unit: NO
Focus on the Future Task Force Issue: Impact of information technology on library services

Program Short Description
Two university libraries have developed new services, a web-based information literacy assessment tool and chat reference. Both are collaborating with other libraries to expand these services. This session will detail the development of both and provide a checklist for collaboration.

Program Learning Outcomes
Understanding how to collaborate with other libraries to share new services.

Gain a basic understanding of the Research Readiness Self-Assessment tool.

Gain a basic understanding of HawkHelp Live chat reference.

Program Full Description
Two projects from different institutions will be presented as examples of new library services that were developed to serve a local need, but whose use is now being expanded through collaboration to other institutions. The first illustrates the development of a tool to assess the research readiness of students; the second a locally developed chat reference service. In looking at these two projects, there are many obvious differences, but also many similarities in how librarians collaborate beyond their own institutions to improve services in our changing environments.

The poster session will consist of three parts. The first will outline the development and testing of the Research Readiness Self-Assessment (RRSA) tool that measures information literacy skills of students as well as their attitudes about research. It was developed by librarians and faculty members at Central Michigan University to assess studentsí information-seeking skills and attitudes based on the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. The web-based tool is currently being tested by other institutions to determine its broader usefulness. The second part of the session will describe the development and operation of HawkHelp LIVE, the University of Kansasí chat reference service. Use of the service has expanded to include another academic institution, Kansas State University, and is about to undergo further expansion to other institutions in the State. The third part of the session will offer a checklist of steps that the expansion of both services have in common. This document will be shared with attendees as a guide for other collaborative partnerships.

Presenter Information
Anne Marie Casey
Associate Dean of Libraries
Central Michigan University
Park Library
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
Work Phone: 989-774-6421
Fax: 989-774-2179
Email: casey1am@cmich.edu

Frances Devlin
Reference Librarian
University of Kansas
Watson Library
Lawrence, KS 66045
Work Phone: 785 864 8925
Email: fadevlin@ku.edu

Nancy J. Burich
Coordinator of Distance Learning Information Services
University of Kansas
KU Edwards Campus, room 125L,12600 Quivira
Overland Park, KS 66213
Work Phone: 913 897 8575
Fax: 913 897 8573
Email: nburich@ukans.edu

Lana Ivanitskaya
Faculty, School of Health Sciences
Central Michigan University
Health professions Building 1205
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Work Phone: 989-774-1639
Fax: 989-774-2888
Email: ivani1sv@cmich.edu