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  • Economics of Grade Reduction 

    Neff, Paul J. (University of Kansas, 1914-02-10)
    A Study of the General Principles of the Economics to Be Effected By the Reduction of Grades, the Elimination of Rise and Fall and Curvature, and the Bettering of the Other Physical Condition on the ST. Louis & San Francisco ...
  • The Union-Nonunion Wage Differential: A Replication and Extension 

    Shulenburger, David E.; McLean, Robert; Rasch, Sara B. (Wiley, 1982-04-01)
  • The Construction Wage Determination Process in the 1970's 

    Shulenburger, David E.; McLean, Robert; Rasch, Sara E. (School of Business, University of Kansas, 1982)
    Review of wage determination in the US construction industry in the 1970's with regression estimation of various effects.
  • Funding and the Future of U.S. Public Research Universities 

    McPherson, Peter; Gobstein, Howard; David, Shulenburger (MIT Press Journals, 2010-03-01)
    Innovation through research is a critical element to a nation's success in the highly competitive global marketplace. University research provides the base from which an important part of the most competitive innovations ...
  • An Equilibrium Approach to the Aggregation of Beliefs 

    Yi, Jin; Zhang, Jianbo (Brill, 2013-06-01)
    This paper presents a new answer to the old question of how to aggregate individual beliefs. We construct a model which allows agents to take arbitrage opportunities against the aggregated belief by making contingent claims ...
  • A Closed Form Characterization of the Stationary Outcome in Multilateral Bargaining 

    Yi, Jin; Zhang, Jianbo (Brill, 2013-03-01)
    In this paper we consider infinite horizon multilateral bargaining with alternate offers. We prove that there exists only one stationary subgame perfect equilibrium outcome and it corresponds to the unique invariantmeasure ...
  • CISC controls and the union/non-union wage ratio 

    Shulenburger, David E.; McLean, Robert A.; Rasch, Sara B. (Elsevier, 1984-06)
  • Nonparametric Tests of Moment Condition Stability 

    Juhl, Ted P.; Xiao, Zhijie (Cambridge University Press, 2013-02-01)
    This paper considers testing for moment condition instability for a wide variety of models that arise in econometric applications. We propose a nonparametric test based on smoothing the moment conditions over time. The ...
  • Standards and Infrastructure for Innovation Data Exchange 

    Haak, Laurel L.; Baker, David; Ginther, Donna K.; Gordon, Gregg J.; Probus, Matthew A.; Kannankutty, Nirmala; Weinberg, Bruce A. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2012-10-12)
    Economic growth relies in part on efficient advancement and application of research and development (R&D) knowledge. This requires access to data about science, in particular R&D inputs and outputs such as grants, patents, ...
  • Race, Ethnicity, and NIH Reserch Awards 

    Ginther, Donna K.; Schaffer, Walter T.; Schnell, Joshua; Masimore, Beth; Liu, Faye; Haak, Laurel L.; Kington, Raynard (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2011-08-19)
    We investigated the association between a U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 applicant’s self-identified race or ethnicity and the probability of receiving an award by using data from the NIH IMPAC II grant ...
  • A Note on Foreign Exchange Interventions at Zero Interest Rates 

    Iwata, Shigeru; Wu, Shu (Cambrige University Press, 2012-09-07)
    This note uses a nonlinear structural vector autoregression model to empirically investigate the effectiveness of official foreign exchange (FX) interventions in an economy when interest rates are constrained to the zero ...
  • The Evolution of Economies of Scale Regarding Pollution Control: Cross-Sectional Evidence from a Transition Economy 

    Earnhart, Dietrich H.; Lizal, Lubomir (North American Business Press, 2011)
    This paper assesses whether firms face economies and/or diseconomies of scale with respect to air pollution control by evaluating the effects of production on firm-level air emission levels. To achieve this objective, this ...
  • Nonlinear and Complex Dynamics in Real Systems 

    Barnett, William A.; Serletis, Apostolos; Serletis, Demitre (De Gruyter, 2006-06-01)
    In this article we provide a review of the literature with respect to fluctuations in real systems and chaos. In doing so, we contrast the order and organization hypothesis of real systems to nonlinear chaotic dynamics and ...
  • Fixed-Point-Like Theorems on Subspaces 

    Bich, Philippe; Cornet, Bernard (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2004-08-26)
    We prove a fixed-point-like theorem for multivalued mappings defined on the finite Cartesian product of Grassmannian manifolds and convex sets. Our result generalizes two different kinds of theorems: the fixed-point-like ...
  • A nonparametric adjustment for tests of changing mean 

    Juhl, Ted P. (Economics Bulletin, 2004)
    When testing for a change in mean of a time series, the null hypothesis is no change in mean. However, a change in mean causes a bias in the estimation of serial correlation parameters. This bias can cause nonmonotonic ...
  • Intertemporally non−separable monetary−asset risk adjustment and aggregation 

    Barnett, William A.; Wu, Shu (Economics Bulletin, 2004)
    Modern aggregation theory and index number theory were introduced into monetary aggregation by Barnett (1980). The widely used Divisia monetary aggregates were based upon that paper. A key result upon which the rest of the ...
  • A note on nonidentification in truncated sampling distribution estimation 

    Barnett, William A.; Seck, Ousmane (Economics Bulletin, 2010-06-19)
    Theoretical constraints on economic model parameters often are in the form of inequality restrictions. For example, many theoretical results are in the form of monotonicity or nonnegativity restrictions. Inequality constraints ...
  • A ffine Regime-Switching Models for Interest Rate Term Structure 

    Wu, Shu; Zeng, Yong (American Mathematical Society, 2004)
    To model the impact of the business cycle, this paper develops a tractable dynamic term structure model under diffusion and regime shifts with time varying transition probabilities. The model offers flexible parameterization of ...
  • Macroeconomic Shocks and the Foreign Exchange Risk Premia 

    Iwata, Shigeru; Wu, Shu (Cambrige University Press, 2006-09-01)
    In this paper we empirically examine the sources of the volatility of the foreign exchange risk premia. Using a nonlinear structural Vector Autoregression (VAR) model based on no-arbitrage condition to identify various ...
  • Panel Data Analysis of Regulatory Factors Shaping Environmental Performance 

    Earnhart, Dietrich H. (President and Fellows of Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006-03-13)
    This paper analyzes the regulatory factors shaping environmental performance at individual polluting facilities. In particular, it examines the influence of actual government interventions, namely, inspections and enforcement ...

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